Al Held, Straits of Magellan, 1986.

Announcing the Crown Point Press Seasons Club 2015-2016!

When you join as a new or renewing member you may purchase a Crown Point print that was released in 2010 or earlier for half price at any time during the months of July and August. Dues are $50 ($35 to renew if you were a Seasons member last summer), and we must receive them before the end of August. Call the gallery at 415.974.6273 or join or renew online.

View a selection of available prints online or visit our gallery in San Francisco. Please telephone Valerie Wade to discuss your interests. The gallery is open Monday: 10-5, Tuesday - Saturday: 10 - 6. We hope to see you soon!

As a Seasons Club member:

  • July-August only, you may purchase at half price any Crown Point Press print that was released in 2010 or earlier and is in our regular available inventory. Proofs, unique prints, portfolios, or sets of prints are not included in this offer.

  • Once each season you may purchase another half-price print, provided you buy—at the same time—a different full-price print of equal or higher value. Seasonal half-price prints must have been released in 2010 or earlier and cannot be proofs, unique prints, portfolios or sets of prints.

    Summer: June-July-August
    Fall: September-October-November
    Winter: December-January-February
    Spring: March-April-May

  • As a member you will also receive Overview, Crown Point’s quarterly newsletter and invitations to Crown Point openings and other events.