Richard Tuttle



Rahway, NJ



B.A. Trinity College Hartford, CT



California College of the Arts, Honorary Doctorate Degree of Fine Arts
2003 Academy Award in Art, American Academy of Arts and Letters, New York
1998 Skowhegan Medal for Sculpture, New York
The Aachen Art Prize, Ludwig Forum for International Art, Germany
1982 74th American Exhibition, Art Institute of Chicago Biennial Prize
1968 National Endowment for the Arts, Washington DC
1965 C. Douglas Dillon Foundation, New York

Selected Solo Exhibitions


"Metal Shoes: Richard Tuttle at Geminiā€, Gemini G.E.L., Los Angeles, CA
2007 "Richard Tuttle: Memory Comes From Dark Extension," Sperone Westwater, New York
"Richard Tuttle" Tomio Koyama Gallery, Tokyo
"The Art of Richard Tuttle" MOCA Grand Avenue, Los Angeles, CA; Museum of Contemporary Art, Chicago, IL;
2006 "The Kreutzer Sonata: Historical Work by Richard Tuttle," Nyehaus, and Zwirner & Wirth
"Richard Tuttle, Reflection: In the Pool," Sperone Westwater
"Richard Tuttle: Unfold," FRAC, Auvergne, France; Domaine de Kerguehennec, Bignan, France; FRAC, Haute Normandie, Sotteville les Rouen, France
"Richard Tuttle: Talks, Looks, Walks--Three Windows," Annemarie Verna Galerie, Zurich
"Richard Tuttle," Jurgen Becker, Hamburg
"Richard Tuttle: New Work," Galerie Ulrike Schmela, Düsseldorf, Germany
"Richard Tuttle: New Work," Galerie Lena Bruning, Berlin, Germany
2005 "Richard Tuttle: Wire Pieces," CAPC Musée d'art contemporain de Bordeaux, France
"Richard Tuttle," Anthony Meier Fine Arts, San Francisco
"Richard Tuttle: Prints 1973-2005," Brooke Alexander, New York
"Richard Tuttle: Constructed Relief Paintings, 1964-65," Peter Freeman, Inc., New York
"The Art of Richard Tuttle," The San Francisco Museum of Modern Art, 2 July - 16 October, 2005; The Whitney Museum of American Art, New York, 10 November 2005 - February 5, 2006; Des Moines Art Center, Des Moines, IA, 18 March - 11 June, 2006; Dallas Museum of Art, Dallas
2004 "Richard Tuttle," Galerie Schmela, Dusseldorf
"Richard Tuttle, Type," Crown Point Press, San Francisco
"It's a Room for Three People," The Drawing Center, New York, 6 November 2004 - 26 February, 2005; Aspen Art Museum, Aspen, CO, 8 December, 2005 - 5 February, 2006
2003 "American Academy Invitational Exhibtion of Painting and Sculpture," The American Academy of Arts and Letters,New York
"20 Pearls," Sperone Westwater, New York
"Celebration," Annemarie Verna Galerie, Zurich
2002 "Richard Tuttle, in Parts, 1998-2001," Institute of Contemporary Art, Philadelphia
"Richard Tuttle," Galerie Schemela, Dusseldorf
"Richard Tuttle," Tomio Koyama Gallery
"Richard Tuttle: cENTER," Centro Galego de Arte Contemporanea, Santiago de Compostela, Spain
"Richard Tuttle: Memento," Museu Serralves, Porto, Portugal
2001 "Richard Tuttle," Anthony Meier Fine Arts, San Francisco
"Richard Tuttle: New Books & Portofolios," Annemarie Verna Galerie
"Richard Tuttle," Kabinet Overholland, Stedelijk Museum, Amsterdam
2000 "Two With Any To," Sperone Westwater, New York
"Richard Tuttle; White Sails," Annemarie Verna Galerie, Zurich
"Richard Tuttle: Reservations," BAWAG Foundation, Vienna
"Richard Tuttle," FIAC, Sperone Westwater booth
"Richard Tuttle, Perceived Obstacles," Stiftung Schleswig-Holsteinische Landesmuseum, Schloss Gottorf, Schleswig,Germany, 2 July - 3 September; Westfalisches Landesmuseum fur Kunst und Kulturgeschichte, Munster, Germany, 18 February - 13 May; Stiftung Schleswig-Holsteinische Landesmuseum, Schloss Gottorf, Schleswig,Germany
1999 "Richard Tuttle-Die Konjunktion der Farbe," Ludwig Forum fur Internationale Kunst, Aachen, Germany
"Richard Tuttle: Replace the Abstract Picture Plane, Books and New Works, The Kamm Collection of the Kunsthaus: A Selection by the Artist," Kunsthaus Zug, Switzerland
"Richard Tuttle," The Arts Club of Chicago, Chicago
"Richard Tuttle, The Dust When You Come Over the Hill (Morocco)," Rhona Hoffman Gallery, Chicago
"Richard Tuttle," Galleria Cardi, Milan, 7 October "One Voice in Four parts," artist book presentation, cencebaugh contemporary
1998 "Richard Tuttle: New Mexico, New York," Sperone Westwater
"Richard Tuttle: 'The Thinking Cap'," The Fabric Workshop and Museum, Philadelphia "Richard Tuttle: Chandeliers," A/D, New York
"Richard Tuttle: Small Sculptures of the '70s," Annemarie Verna Galerie, Zurich
"Here and Now: Richard Tuttle," Church of Saint Paulinus, Brough Park, Richmond, North Yorkshire, in collaboration with the Henry Moore Sculpture Trust
1997 "Richard Tuttle: Books and Prints," Widener Gallery, Trinity College, Hartford, CT, 3 October-8 December; The New York Public Library, 22 February - 31 May "Richard Tuttle," Galerie Volker Diehl, Berlin
"Richard Tuttle," Mies van der Rohe Haus, Berlin
"Richard Tuttle: Grey Walls Work," Camden Arts Centre, London, 22 November, 1996 - January, 1997; Douglas Hyde Gallery, Dublin, 23 April - 7 June, 1997; Inverleith House, Royal Botanic Garden, Edinburgh, 21 June - 27 July
California State Long Beach Art Museum
"Richard Tuttle: Works 1964-1996," Kunsthaus Zug, Switzerland, 8 June - 31 August "Richard Tuttle: New and Early Work," Art Gallery of York University, North York, Ontario
1996 "Richard Tuttle: Gold and Silver on Easy Pieces," Galerie Yvon Lambert, Paris "Richard Tuttle: Replace the Abstract Picture Plane," Kunsthaus Zug, Switzerland
"Richard Tuttle: New and Early Work," Sperone Westwater, New York
"Richard Tuttle: Source of Imagery," Galleria Bonomo, Rome
"Richard Tuttle: Renaissance Unframed 1-26," Contemporary Art Museum, University of South Florida, Tampa, FL
1995 "Richard Tuttle," Museum of Fine Arts, Santa Fe, NM
"Richard Tuttle: Lampen, Sotel," Carin Delcourt van Krimpen, Amsterdam
"North-South Axis," Museum of Fine Art, Santa Fe, NM
"Richard Tuttle, Selected Works: 1964-1994," Sezon Museum of Art
"Time/Line," Daniel Weinberg Gallery, San Francisco, CA
"Richard Tuttle: Source of Imagery," Rhona Hoffman Gallery
"Richard Tuttle:Warm Brown, 1-67 and Mesa Pieces," Kunsthalle Ritter, Klangenfurt
1994 "Matrix: Richard Tuttle, Space/Sculpture," University Art Museum, University of California, Berkeley, CA
"Twenty Floor Drawings, Richard Tuttle" Indianapolis Museum of Art, Indianapolis "Richard Tuttle, Verbal Windows," Galleria Bonomo, Bari, Italy
"Print and related Works," Brooke Alexander Edition, New York
"Richard Tuttle, Le Temps Retrouve," Galerie Yvon Lambert, Paris
"Whiteness-Pieces," Annemarie Verna Gallery, Zurich
"A lamp, a chair, a chandlier," A/D Gallery, New York
1993 "Chaos, the Form," Staatliche Kunsthalle Baden-Baden, Baden-Baden, Germany
"Richard Tuttle: Works on Paper," Jack Tilton Gallery, New York
1992 "According to the Dawn II," Annemarie Verna Gallery, Zurich
"Time to do Everything: Floor Drawings and Recent Work," Kinstmuseum Winterthur, Winterthur, Switzerland
"Twenty Floor Drawings, Richard Tuttle," Instituto Valenciano de Arte Moderna, Centro Julio Gonzalez, Valencia, Spain RAM GAlerie, Rotterdam, The Netherlaneds Mary Boone Gallery, New York Laura Carpenter Fine Arts, Santa Fe, NM
"Richard Tuttle: Early Drawings," Lawrence Markey Gallery, New York
"The Poetry of Form: Richard Tuttle, Drawings from the Vogel Collection," Instituto Valenciano de Arte Moderno, Spain, 25 June-30 August 1992; Indianapolis Museum of Art, IN, 2 October-21 November 1992
1991 "Richard Tuttle: Slats 1974," Lawrence Markey Gallery, New York
Rhona Hoffman Gallery, Chicago
"Richard Tuttle: Crickets," Sala D'Exposiciones de la Fundacio, La Caixa, Barcelone
"Twenty Floor Drawings, Richard Tuttle," Institute of Contemporary Art, Amsterdam Galerie Pierre Huber, Geneva Galeria Weber, Madrid GAlerie Meert Rihoux, Brussels
"Richard Tuttle: New Works," Victoria Miro Gallery, London
1990 "Richard Tuttle," Galeria Schemela, Dusseldorf
"Richard Tuttle: Seventy's Drawings" Brooke Alexander
"Richard Tuttle," Yvon Lambert, Paris
"New Mexico Silver/Firenze Gold," Galleria Vicotira Miro, Florence
"Richard Tuttle," Sprengel Museum, Hannover, Germany
Galerie Hubert Winter, Vienna
"The Nature of the The Gun: Richard Tuttle," A/D, New York
"Inside Still Pure Form," Blum Helman Gallery, New York
"Octavio For Annemarie," Annemarie Verna Galerie, Zurich
1989 "Richard Tuttle: Vienna Gotico," Galeria Allesandra Bonomo, Rome
"Richard Tuttle: Lonesome Cowboy Styrofoam," Gallery Casa sin Nombre, Santa Fe, NM
1988 "Richard Tuttle: New Work," Blum Helman Gallery, Los Angeles
"Richard Tuttle; Space in Finland," Galerie Schemla, Dusseldorf
"Richard Tuttle: Portland Works 1976," Galerie, Karsten Greve, Cologne, 18 March - 23 April; Thomas Segal Gallery, Boston, 30 April - 28 May Galerie Meert Rihoux, Brussels, 11 May - 4 June
"Richard Tuttle Installation: Early Works," Blum Helman Gallery, New York
"Richard Tuttle: There's No Reason a Good Man is Hard to Find," Blum Helman Warehouse, New York
"5 Pieces Richard Tuttle 1987," Annemarie Verna, Zurich
1987 "Nimes au printemps-Richard Tuttle," Galerie des Arenes, Musee d'art contemporain, Carree d'art, Nimes, France
Galerie Yvon Lambert, Paris
Anders Thornberg Gallery, Lun, Sweden
Victoria Miro Gallery, London
1986 "Richard Tuttle: New Works," Victoria Miro Gallery, London
Reinhard Onnasch Galerie, Berlin
"Richard Tuttle: Wire Pieces," CAPC Musee d'art contemporain de Bordeaux, France
"Painted Sculpture," Blum Helman Gallery, New York
"Richard Tuttle: New Work," Annemarie Verna Galerie, Zurich
"Richard Tuttle" The Baroque and Color," Neu Galerie in Landesmuseum, Joanneum, Graz, Austria
"Locus Solus IV: Richard Tuttle," Galerie Hubert Winter, Vienna
1985 "Richard Tuttle: New Work," Galerie Schmela, Dusseldorf
"Snow," Galleria Marilena Bonomo, Bari, Italy
Galleria Toselli, Milan
"Richard Tuttle: New Work," Stadtisches Museum Abteiberg, Monchengladbach, Germany
Galerie Yvon Lambert, Paris
"Richard Tuttle: Works 1964-84," Institute of Contemporary Arts, London
Fruit Market Gallery, Edinburgh
1984 Studio La Citta, Verona, Italy
Galerie Yvon Lambert, Paris
Galerie Schmela, Dusseldorf
"Richard Tuttle: 16 works from India 1980, Op het Tweede Gezicht,"Galleriet, Lund, Sweden
Galleria Ugo Ferranti, Rome
"Richard Tuttle: Engineer, I-VI," Daniel Weinberg Gallery, Los Angeles
Annemarie Verna Galerie, Zurich
"Richard Tuttle, New Sculpture," Blum Helman Gallery, New York
1983 "Richard Tuttle: Paris," Musee de Calais, France
Taidemaalariliiton Galleria 4, Helsinki
Galleria Ugo Ferranti, Rome
"Richard Tuttle: Recent Sculpture," Blum Helman, New York
Galerie Hubert Winter, Vienna
"Richard Tuttle: Zeichnungen, 1968-1974," Stadtisches Museum Abteiberg, Monchengladbach, Germany
1982 Annemarie Verna Galerie, Zurich
"Richard Tuttle," Nigel Greenwood Inc., London
Galleria Ugo Ferranti, Rome
"New Work: Richard Tuttle," Betty Parsons Gallery, New York
1981 Galerie Yvon Lambert, Paris
Galleria Ugo Ferranti, Rome
Baronian--Lambert, Gent, Belgium
1980 "Richard Tuttle, Dallas Exercises," Galleria Ugo Ferranti, Rome
"Richard Tuttle: Paris, 1973," Centre d'Art Contemporarin, Geneva
"Richard Tuttle: Alle 12 Drahtoktogonale und neue Arbeiten," Museum Haus Lange, Krefeld, Germany
"Richard Tuttle: From 210 Collage-Drawings," Georgia State University Art Gallery, Atlanta, 4 - 22 February; Baxter Art Gallery, California Institute of Technology, Pasadena, CA
1979 Annemarie Verna Galerie, Zurich
"Richard Tuttle," CAPC Centre d'Arts Plastiques Contemporains de Bordeaux
1978 "Richard Tuttle: Title 1-6, Title I-IV, Title A-N, Title 11-16,Titre 1-8,Titolo 1-8," Stedelijk Museum, Amsterdam
"Richard Tuttle: New Work at Betty Parsons Gallery," Betty Parsons Gallery, New York
"Richard Tuttle: New Work," Young Hoffman Gallery, Chicago
"List of Drawing Material of Richard Tuttle and Appendices," Truman Gallery, New York, and Brooke Alexander, New York
"An Exhibition of the Work of Richard Tuttle," College of Creative Studies, University of California, Santa Barbara, CA, 14 February - 11 March; Bell Gallery, Brown University, Providence, RI, 29 April - 21 May
"Sticks," Francoise Lambert, Milan
Museum van Hedendaagse Kunst, Gent
Daniel Weinberg Gallery, San Francisco
"Richard Tuttle," Galerie Yvon Lambert, Paris
"Richard Tuttle," Galerie Schmela, Dusseldorf
Galerie Swart, Amsterdam
Galleria Ugo Ferranti, Rome
1977 "Richard Tuttle at the McIntosh Gallery," Graeme Murray Gallery, Edinburgh, 6 October - 6 November; McIntosh Gallery, University of Western Ontario, London, 24 November, 1976 - 9 January, 1977
"Richard Tuttle/New York: 100 Zeichnungen und Aquarelle, 1968-1976," Kunsthalle Basel
"Zwei mit Zwei: Two With Any Two," Kunstraum Munchen
"Graphic Exhibition," Galerie Heiner Friedrich, Munich
"Richard Tuttle Gesamte Grafiken: Ilustrierte Bucher," Galerie Thomas Borgmann, Cologne
"Richard Tuttle: Maine Works," Nigel Greenwood Inc. Ltd., London
1976 Richard Tuttle: Books and Prints, 1964-1976," Brooke Alexander, Inc., New York
Fine Arts Building Gallery, New York
"Richard Tuttle: Two Days," Galerie Yvon Lambert, Paris
Northwest Artist's Workshop, Portland, OR
"Richard Tuttle: The Cincinnati Pieces," Julian Pretto, New York
"Grafiek--Typologische Symmetrieen. Richard Tuttle en Maria Van Elk," Galerie Swart, Amsterdam
1975 Richard Tuttle," D'Alessandro-Ferranti, Rome
"Thirteen Spiral Drawings by Richard Tuttle at The Parsons Truman Gallery," Parsons Truman Gallery, New York
"Matrix 10: Richard Tuttle," Wadsworth Athenaeum, Hartford, Connecticut
Whitney Museum of American Art, New York, 12 September - 16 November 1975; Otis Art Institute Gallery of Los Angeles County, 16 January - 29 February, 1976
1974 "New Work: Richard Tuttle," Galleria Toselli, Milan
Galleria Marilena Bonomo, Bari, Italy
Annemarie Verna Galerie, Zurich
"Richard Tuttle," Galerie Yvon Lambert, Paris
"New Work: Richard Tuttle," Betty Parsons Galley, New York
"A group of very small colored plates set at various distances from the wall in different rooms (of the gallery) by Richard Tuttle," Barbara Cusack Gallery, Houston
"Richard Tuttle: Forty October Drawings + Interlude," Nigel Greenwood Inc Ltd
1973 The Clocktower, Institute for Art and Urban Resources, New York
Galerie Heiner Friedrich, Munich
"Richard Tuttle: Das 11. Papierachteck und Wandmalereien/The 11th Paper Octagonal and Paintings for the Wall," Kunstraum Munchen
"Ten Kinds of Memory and Memory Itself," Daniel Weinberg Gallery, San Francisco
"Drawings: Richard Tuttle," Francoise Lambert, Milan
1972 "Projects: Richard Tuttle," The Museum of Modern Art, New York
"Richard Tuttle Will Show New Work at Betty Parsons Gallery," Betty Parsons Gallery, New York
"Richard Tuttle: Drahtsucke 1971-1972," Galerie Rudolf Zwirner, Cologne
Galerie Yvon Lambert, Paris
1971 "Richard Tuttle," Dallas Museum of Fine Arts
1970 "New Work by Richard Tuttle," Betty Parsons Gallery, New York
1969 Nicholas Wilder Gallery, New York
1968 Betty Parsons Gallery, New York
"Richard Tuttle," Galerie Schmela, Dusseldorf, Germany
1967 "Ten Works by Richard Tuttle," Betty Parsons Gallery, New York
1965 "Richard Tuttle: Constructed Paintings," Betty Parsons Gallery, New York

Selected Group Exhibitions


"Not For Sale," P.S.1 Contemporary Art Center, Long Island City, NY
2006 "Minimalism and Beyond," The Pulitzer Foundation for the Arts, St. Louis, MO
"Eccentric Modern," The Foundation To-Life, Inc., Mount Kisco, NY
"The Mediated Gesture," Brooke Alexander Editions, New York
"Contemporary Masterworks: Saint Louis Collects," Contemporary Art Museum St. Louis, St. Louis, Missouri
"The Last Time They Met," Stephen Friedman Gallery, London
"Chers Amis," Domaine de Kerguehennec, Bignan, France
"New York, New York: Fifty Years of Art, Architecture, Ciema, Performance, Photography and Video," Grimaldi Forum, Monacao
"Nothing and Everything," Peter Freeman, Inc., New York
"Freeze! A Selection of Works from a New York Collection," Robilant + Voena + Sperone, London
"High Times, Hard Times: New York Painting 1967-1975," organized by Independent Curators International, New York; Weatherspoon Art Museum, University of North Carolina, Greensboro, NC, 6 August - 15 October, 2006; American University Museum at the Katzen Arts Center, Washington, D.C., 21 November, 2006 - 21 January, 2007; National Academy Museum, New York, 13 February - 22 April, 2007
2005 "DESIGN ≠ ART: Functional Objects from Donald Judd to Rachel Whiteread," Cooper Hewitt National Design Museum, 10 September 2004 - 26 February 2005; Aspen Art Museum, Aspen, 5 August - 2 October 2005
"Drawings from the Modern, 1945-1975," The Museum of Modern Art, New York
"Looking at Words; The Formal Presence of Text in Modern and Contemporary Works on Paper," Andrea Rosen Gallery, New York
"Greater Than the Sun: Selections from the Craig Robins Collection of Contemporary Art," University Gallery, University of Florida, Gainesville, FL
2003 "Back to the Present: Minimalist Works from the Museum's Collection," The RISD Museum, Providence, Rhode Island
"In Full View," Andrea Rosen Gallery, New York
Centro Galego De Arte Contemporanea (CGAC), Santiago de Compostela, Spain
"American Cutout," New York Studio School
"Assemblage," Zwirner & Wirth, New York
"The Heroic Century: Masterpieces from The Museum of Modern Art, 200 Paintings and Sculptures," Museum of Fine Arts, Houston
"Thinking about Sculpture: The Rachofsky House, Dallas, Texas
"Indonesian Textiles, Curated by Richard Tuttle, Tai Gallery/Textile Arts, Santa Fe, NM
2002 "Letters, Signs & Symbols," Brooke Alexander Editions, New York
2001 "Extreme Connoisseurship," The Fogg Art Museum, Cambridge, MA
"Objective Color," Yale University Art Gallery, New Haven, CT
"Plateau of Humanity," La Biennale di Venezia, curated by Harald Szeeman
"Helmut Dorner, Richard Tuttle, Franz West," Brooke Alexander, New York
"Green on Greene" Sperone Westwater, New York
"Tramas y Ensamblajes," Museo de Arte Contemporaneo de Oaxaca, Oaxaca, Mexico
"The Devil is in the Details," curated by Rena Conti and Ivan Moskowitz, Allston Skirt Gallery, Boston, Massachusetts
2000 "The American Century; Art & Culture 1900-2000," Whitney Museum of American Art, New York
Whitney Biennial," Whitney Museum of American Art, New York
"Cosmologies" Sperone Westwater, New York
1999 "Circa 1968," Museu de Serralves, Museu de Arte Contemporanea, Porto, Portugal
1998 "Agnes Martin/Richard Tuttle," Modern Art Museum of Fort Worth, TX, 26 April-2 August; SITE Santa Fe, NM
1997 "La Biennale di Venezia, XLVII Esposizione Internazionale d'Arte," Venice
1995 52nd Carnegie International, The Carnegie Museum of Art, Pittsburgh, PA
1994 "From Minimal to Conceptual Art/Works from the Dorothy and Herbert Vogel Collection," National Gallery of Art, Washington, DC
1990 "The New Sculpture 1965-75: Between Geometry and Gesture," Whitney Museum of American, New York
1987 Skulptur Projekte Munster," Westfalische Landesmuseum, Munster, Germany
1985 "Wasserfarbenblatter von Joseph Beuys, Nicola De Maria, Gerhard Richter, Richard Tuttle," Westfalischer Kunstverein Munster, Munster, Germany
"Drawings and Acquisitions: 1981-1985," Whitney Museum of American Art, New York
1983 "Documenta 7," Kassel, Germany "60-80: attitudes/concepts/images," Stedelijk Museum, Amsterdam
1980 "Pier + Ocean,"Hayward Gallery, London; Rijkmuseum Kroller-Muller, Otterlo
1977 "Documenta 6," Orangerie, Kassel, Germany
1976 "Rooms P.S. 1," "La Biennale di Venezia 1976," The Institute for Art and Urban Resources, New York
1975 "Selections from the Collection of Dorothy and Herbert Vogel," The Clocktower, Institute for Art and Urban Resources, New York
1974 "Cut, Folded, Pasted & Torn," Museum of Modern Art, New York
1973 "Contemporanea," Parcheggio di Villa Borghese, Rome
"A Selection of American and European Paintings from the Richard Brown Baker Collection," San Francisco Museum of Art, San Francisco, CA
"Bilder, Objekte, Filme, Konzepte," Stadtische Galerie in Lenbachhaus, Munich
1972 "Documenta 5: Befragung der Realitat: Bildwelten heute," Museum Fridericianum, Kassel, Germany
"Actualite d'un Bilan," Galerie Yvon Lambert, Paris
1969 "Live in Your Head: When Attitudes Become Form: Works-Concepts-Processes- Situations-Informations," Kunsthalle, Bern, 22 March-27 April; Museum Haus Lange, Krefeld, West Germany, 9 May-15 June; Institute of Contemporary Arts, London, 28 September-27 October

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Selected Public Collections

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Art Institute of Chicago, Chicago
Baltimore Museum of Art, Baltimore, MD
Brooklyn Museum, New York
The Carnegie Museum of Art, Pittsburgh, PA
The Columbus Museum of Art, Columbus, OH
Contemporary Art Museum, Honolulu, HI
Des Moines Art Center, Des Moines, IA
Fogg Art Museum, Harvard University, Cambridge, MA
Fondation Cartier pour l'Art Contemporain, Jouy-en-Josas, France
High Museum, Atlanta
Hirshhorn Museum and Sculpture Garden, Smithsonian Institution, Washington, DC
Indianapolis Museum of Fine Art, Indianapolis, IN
Israel Museum, Jerusalem
IVAM, Valencia, Spain
Kaiser Wilhelm Museum, Krefeld, Germany
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Kunstmuseum Winterthur, Winterthur, Switzerland
Louisiana Museum of Modern Art, Humlebaek, Denmark
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Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York City, New York
Mies Van der Rohe Museum, Berlin
Moderna Museet, Stockholm
Modern Art Museum of Fort Worth, Fort Worth, Texas
Musee Cantonal Des Beaux Arts De Lausanne, Switzerland
Musee Nationale d'Art Moderne, Paris
Museum of Art, Rhode Island School of Design
Museum of Contemporary Art, Chicago. Ilinois
Museum of Fine Arts, Santa Fe, New Mexico
The Museum of Modern Art, New York, New York
Museum of Modern Art, San Francisco, California
National Gallery of Art, Washington, DC
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New York Public Library, New York
Seattle Art Museum, Seattle, Washington
Staatliche Kunstammlungen, Kassel, Germany
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Stedelijk Museum, Amsterdam
Victoria & Albert Museum, London
Wadsworth Athenaeum, Hartford, Connecticut
Walker Art Center, Minneapolis, Minnesota
Whitney Museum of American Art, New York City, New York