About the Artist

Pat Steir

Pat Steir was born in 1938, and has been exhibiting her paintings world wide since the early 1970s. She lives in New York. She has worked regularly at Crown Point Press since 1978 and is an accomplished printmaker. Back in the 1970s, Steir was thinking mainly about signs and symbols, and was close to Minimal and Conceptual artists, though she didn't fit into either category exactly. She developed an iconography that included isolated brushstrokes and other marks, color charts, sometimes words, sometimes images crossed out.

Her work was like a chant, and evoked stillness. For the past ten years the stillness has become denser, and she has made her marks by flinging, pouring, and dripping paint. Images of waterfalls resulted naturally from this approach, and she has also worked from time to time with images that evoke the night sky. Steir has said that she makes her work with the attitude of a gymnast, "first the meditation, then the leap." In her art, she has given up chasing the self in favor of something larger.