Alex Katz


July 25, 1927

New York City. Currently lives in New York City.

Education and Awards


St. Gaudens Medal in Art, The Cooper Union, NY
Skowhegan Award for Painting
1972 Awarded Guggenheim Grant in Painting
Awarded Cooper Union Professional Achievement Citation
1949?50 Studied at Skowhegan School of Painting and Sculpture, Skowhegan, Maine
1946?49 Studied at Cooper Union, New York

Selected Exhibitions


"Alex Katz Paints Ada" Jewish Museum, New York
"Cutouts", Galería Javier López, Madrid
2005 "Faces in the Crowd: Picturing Modern Life from Manet to Today", Whitechapel Art Gallery, London
2004 "Behind Closed Doors", Katonah Museum of Art, Katonah, New York
2003 "Alex Katz Cutouts" Museum Moderner Kunst Kärnten Klagenfurt, Austria
"Alex Katz Portraits" Fondazione Bevilacqua La Masa Venice, Italy
1998 "Under the Stars: American Landscapes 1951-1995" P.S.1 Contemporary Art Center, Long Island City, New York Saatchi Gallery, London, England
1996 "Recent Works", Marlborough Gallery, New York, NY
1995 "Recent Works", Thomas Segal Gallery, Boston, MA
1994 "Landscapes 1954-1956", Robert Miller Gallery, NYC
"Recent Paintings and new Graphics", Mangel Gallery, Philadelphia, PA
1993 "Alex Katz: New Cutouts", Robert Miller, New York
"Alex Katz: Landscapes", Betsy Senior Contemporary Prints, NY
"Alex Katz", Rubenstein/Diacono, New York
"Recent Drawings", Marlboro Gallery, NY
"Cut-Outs", Allene Lapides Gallery, Santa Fe, NM
"Come Smell The Flowers at The Roger Smith Hotel", The Roger Smith Hotel, NY
Montgomery Glasoe Fine Art, Minneapolis, MN
1992 "The Midtown Flower Show", Midtown Payson Galleries, NY
"Refiguring It: Works on Paper", Dean Jensen Gallery, Milwaukee, WI
"Americana '92", Hong Kong Arts Centre, Wanchai, Hong Kong
"The Frozen Leopard", Galerie Bernd Kluser, Munich, Germany
"On Paper", Marlboro Gallery, NY
1991 "Whitney Biennial", Whitney Museum of American Art, NY
"Alex Katz: Small Paintings 1952-1991", Michael Kohn Gallery, Santa Monica, California
"Contemporary Woodblock Prints From Crown Point Press, The
Leif E. Johnson Memorial Exhibition", Edison Community College, Fort Myers, FA
"Homage to Wood", The Art Complex Museum, Duxbury, MA
"Drawings for The Stage", Stephen Solovy Fine Art, Chicago, IL
1990 "Alex Katz", Crown Point Press, NY
"Alex Katz: Faces & Places", Orlando Museum of Art, FA
"Making Faces: Self Portraits by Alex Katz", North Carolina
Museum of Art, Raleigh; traveled to Newark Museum of Art, NJ, and Speed Art Museum, Louisville, KT
"New Paintings", solo exhibition, Michael Kohn Gallery, CA
"Bathers: Contemporary Images of the Summer Idyll", Group Show, Louisville Visual Art Association, Louisville, KY
1989 Riva Yares Gallery, Scottsdale, AZ
"Alex Katz", Mario Diacmo Gallery, Boston, MASS
"Art in Bloom: The Flower as Subject", (group show), Jacksonville Art Museum, Jacksonville, FA
"Nocturnal Visions in Contemporary Painting", Group Show,
Whitney Museum of American Art at Equitable Center, NY
Daniel Weinberg Gallery, Los Angeles, CA
"Painting Beyond the Death of Painting", Kuznetsky
Most Exhibition Hall, Moscow, U.S.S.R., group show
"Alex Katz", Galerie Bernd Kluser, Munich, Germany
"Alex Katz/Light as Air", Pace Prints, NY
"Alex Katz/New Paintings", Michael Kohn Gallery, Los Angeles, CA
"Contemporary Environment" General Electric Co., group show
"Prints of the Eighties", Bank of America Corporate Art
Collection travelling exhibition throughout California beginning at Palo Alto Cultural Center, CA
"June Moon, Lunar Reflections" G.W. Einstein Company, Inc.
"Daylight Savings", Galeria Joan Prats, group show, Barcelona, Spain
1988 "Alex Katz: A Print Retrospective", The Brooklyn Museum
"Alex Katz", Galerie Daniel Templon, Paris, France
"Multiple Realities", Crown Point Press, NY
"Alex Katz", Massimo Audiello Gallery, NY
"Visions/Verite", Tomasulo Gallery, Union County College, Cranford, NJ
"Alex Katz: Dark Paintings", Marlborough, NY
"Alex Katz: Nocturnal Paintings", Cleveland Museum of Art, Cleveland,OH
"Alex Katz" organized the Seibu Museum of Art, Tokyo travelling to the Seed Hall and Parco Studio, Osaka
Massimo Audiello, NY
1987 "Some Sixties Works", Robert Miller Gallery, NY
"Alex Katz, Howard Kanovitz, Wolf Vostell, Daniel Spoerri, Joseph Beuys", Galerie Baecker, Koln, Germany
Robert Miller Gallery, NY (Fall group show)
"Alex Katz", Hokin/Kaufman Gallery, Chicago, IL
"Recent Work" (group show) Marlborough, NY
Galerie Baecker, Cologne, Germany (group)
"For 25 Years: Crown Point Press", Museum of Modern Art, NY
"Figuration", American Express Company in collaboration with the Museum of Modern Art Advisory Service Exhibition
1986?87 "Cutouts", Whitney Museum of American Art at Philip Morris, NY
"Figuration", The American Express Company in collaboration
with the Art Advisory Service of the Museum of Modern Art, NY
1986 "Alex Katz", a retrospective exhibition, Whitney Museum of American Art, NY
Marlborough Gallery, NY
"Alex Katz at Crown Point Press", Crown Point Press, NY
1985 Robert Miller Gallery, NY
Cooper Union, NY
Marlborough Gallery, Tokyo, Japan
"Alex Katz: An Exhibition Featuring Works from the Collection of Paul J. Schupf", Bowdoin College Museum of Art, Colby College, ME
Farnsworth Library and Art Museum, Rockland, ME
Mario Diacono Gallery, Boston, MA
Edwin A. Ulrich Museum of Art, Wichita State University, KS
1984 Robert Miller Gallery, NY
Michael H. Lord Gallery, Milwaukee, WI
Asher/Faure Gallery, Los Angeles, CA
The Picker Art Gallery, Colgate University, Hamilton, NY
1983 Marlborough Gallery, NY
Suzanne Hilberry Gallery, Birmingham, MI
Texas Gallery, Houston, TX
Harcus Gallery, Boston, MA
1982 Marlborough Fine Art, London, England
Marlborough Gallery, NY
John C. Stoller and Company, Minneapolis, MN
Hokin Gallery, Chicago, IL
1981 Suzanne Hilberry Gallery, Detroit, MI
Mira Godard Gallery, Calgary and Toronto, Canada
Fay Gold Gallery, Atlanta, GA
Hokin Gallery, Palm Beach, FL
Birmingham Museum of Art, Birmingham, AL
Contemporary Arts Center, Cincinnati, OH
Portland Center for the Visual Arts, Portland, OR
Robert Miller Gallery, NY
1980 Queens Museum, Flushing, NY
Marlborough Gallery, NY
Middendorf?Lane Gallery, Washington, DC
State University of New York at Stony Brook, NY
Centro Colombo?Americano, Bogota, Colombia
1979 Brooke Alexander Gallery, NY
Suzanne Hilberry Gallery, Detroit, MI
Robert Miller Gallery, NY
Weatherspoon Art Gallery, University of North Carolina, Greensboro, NC
1978 Marlborough Gallery, NY
Mira Godard Gallery, Toronto and Montreal, Canada
Hokin Gallery, Chicago, IL
Suzanne Hilberry Gallery, Birmingham, MI
Beaver College, Philadelphia, PA
Rose Art Museum, Brandeis University, Waltham, MA
Hopkin Gallery, Chicago, IL
1977 Galerie Roger d'Amecourt, Paris, France
Marlborough Galerie, Zurich, Switzerland
1977?78 "Alex Katz: Some Recent Paintings," organized by Fresno Arts Center, Fresno, CA. Traveled to California State University, Long Beach, CA; Seattle Art Museum, WA;
Vancouver Art Gallery, Canada
1976 Marlborough Gallery, NY
American Foundation for the Arts, Miami, FL
Marlborough Godard Gallery, Toronto and Montreal, Canada
Benjamin Mangel Gallery, Bala Cynwyd, PA
1975 Marlborough Fine Art, London, England
Galerie Marguerite Lamy, Paris, France
Galerie Arnesen, Copenhagen, Denmark
1974?75 "Alex Katz Prints," originated by Whitney Museum of
American Art, NY, and traveled to Virginia Museum of
Fine Arts, Richmond; Utah Museum of Fine Arts,Salt Lake
City; The Santa Barbara Museum of Art, CA; University of
Minnesota, MN, Indianapolis Museum of Art, IN
1974 "Alex Katz: Recent Work from the Collection of
Paul J. Schupf," The Picker Gallery, Colgate University, Hamilton, NY
Davison Art Center, Wesleyan University, Middletown, CT
Marlborough Godard Gallery, Toronto, Canada
Marlborough Godard Gallery, Montreal, Canada
1973 Carlton Gallery, NY
Assa Galleria, Helsinki, Finland
Marlborough Gallery, NY
1972 Reed College, Portland, OR
Sloan/O'Sickey Gallery, Cleveland, OH
1971 "Alex Katz," originated by Utah Museum of Fine Arts, University of Utah, Salt Lake City. Traveled to
University of California at San Diego, CA; Minnesota
Museum of Art, St.Paul, MN; Wadsworth Atheneum, Hartford, CT
Galerie Dieter Brusberg, Hanover, West Germany
Galerie Thelen, Cologne, West Germany
Phyllis Kind Gallery, Chicago, IL
Fischbach Gallery, NY
Utah Museum of Fine Arts, University of Utah, Salt Lake City, UT


Bibliotheque National, Paris, France
The Museum of Modern Art, NY
The Whitney Museum of American Art, NY

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